In order to protect your legal rights when facing a DUI charge, hiring an attorney may allow you to not only avoid jail time but also prevent a lengthy driver's license suspension. Even if you were over the legal limit of .08 BAC at the time of the arrest, an attorney may be able to challenge the constitutionality of the stop or arrest and get all of the legal charges against you dropped.

In addition to challenging the actual stop and arrest, our legal team will not only contest the admissibility of the evidence offered against you but also contest the mechanisms and procedures that the police used in collecting that evidence.


In order to protect your driving privileges, hiring an attorney within ten days of your arrest is crucial. In Utah, in order to keep your driving privileges, you must schedule an administrative hearing within ten days of your arrest with the Driver's License Division (DLD). Failure to schedule a hearing with the DLD within ten days will result in your license being suspended for a minimum of 120 days.


With Utah's high DUI conviction rates, immediately hiring a DUI Defense Lawyer after an arrest should be one of your top priorities if you want to stay out of jail.

If you are convicted of Driving Under the Influence for the first time, Utah law requires that the judge impose a jail sentence of not less than two days and not more than a 180 days, 12 months of probation, and a minimum fine of $1,420.00. At the judge's discretion, he or she can sentence you to 48 hours or more of community service instead of jail.

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