If you are convicted for DUI (first or second offense within 10 years), the sentence imposed by Utah courts mandates that you successfully complete an educational series called PRIME For Life (Please note that this requirement is waived in the Court or assessor orders treatment).

For a list of Court approved PRIME For Life providers in Utah, click here.

In Utah, the educational series that the Court orders drivers convicted of DUI to complete is the PRIME For Life® program. The PRIME For Life series consist of 4, four hour classes. According to PRIME For Life, the DUI educational series provides strategies to individuals that have experienced problems due to high risk alcohol or drug use through motivating and guiding those individuals towards making low-risk choices and adopting more accurate beliefs about personal risk.

In the PRIME For Life program, low-risk choices, in terms of alcohol, are defined as no more than one standard drink (1/2 ounce of pure alcohol) in an hour, two standard drinks daily, or three standard drinks on any day (known as the 0-1-2-3 guidelines). The peak amount per week is 14 standard drinks.” High-risk choices are defined as any use that causes impairment or increases overall risk for health problems or premature death.

According to the legislature, DUI educational classes “address any problems or risk factors that appear to be related to use of alcohol and other drugs and attempt to help the individual recognize the harmful consequences of inappropriate use, with special emphasis placed on the dangers of drinking and driving.”

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